Study Skills Course


Study Skills Course
This is a four week course which explores your students learning style. Your student will learn to apply that style of learning to their individual academic plan. During this course your student will be provided with a plan of action, and a differentiated method of use for this plan. This course is suitable for most students; adult learners and online learners. Students who are transitioning to the next level (Elementary to Middle, Middle to High School, and High School to College) have displayed tremendous successes. After completing this course your student will be able to:

  • to study more efficiently
  • produce a great improvement in grades and test scores
  • exhibit confidence in any subject area
  • participate with in class activities and discussion with greater knowledge of the content
  • maintain a high level of academic achievement level
  • be more organized
  • be more prepared for impromptu quizzes and tests

Please Click to Download and Complete: THE HAVEN LEARNING CENTER POLICIES

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