We are believers in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior and that He died for our sins. We reserve the right to exhibit our beliefs through our character. We are also a non-denominational Christian church. Our services are held in the same location as the recreational activities of The Haven Learning Center. Services are held on each Sunday morning at 11 am.
Pastor Mark with Elder Denise aka Ms. Denise have combined their love for God and their passion for learning to create what is now known as The Haven Learning Center. Out of the covering support of Pastor Mark A. Braswell and the vision of Mrs. Denise Braswell was The Haven Learning Center born. For the past twelve years they have worked tirelessly to assist students and their parents with their educational goals. Regardless of the learning style or subject difficulties The Haven Learning Center has provided its students with the skills and subject knowledge to achieve academic success. Academic success and student confidence is the goal.


We are an academic support service provider. We assist families with their academic goals. Whether there is the desire of a higher Sat score or to improved study habits. We are able to teach, develop and nurture learning styles for a heightened comprehensive level.
Each student learns differently therefore we work with your students’ learning style. We then convert course content to the students’ best method of material absorption. We work with students as young as age 5 and continue our work through adulthood. We have worked with adult learners to help them navigate the latest in distance learning methods. We specialize in individual learning styles and a one on one or small group instruction. This method provides for the very best opportunity for student achievement.

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of TRUE Education!”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights Icon

Our Successes

No More Testing Anxiety

With help from The Haven’s staff you can be added to the list of our students who score in the (excel) category for spring semester testing. We don’t teach towards any test. We teach our students for their improved knowledge, therefore the passing any particular standerdized test is never an issue. We always do much better than passing. We EXCEL.

Failing Students can change with help

Many of our students have come through our doors with failing grades and left with the confidence and the reports which prove their ability to do well in any academic subject. We have prepared students for SAT, ACT, GHSGT, and the GRE.

ACT Score improved four points

We normally don’t suggest that student wait until it SAT/ACT time to study but many students do. Ms. Brown came to The Haven for ACT prep assistance. She needed to improve her previous testing score by three points. After working with Ms. Denise for three week Ms. Brown tested again and achieved higher than she expected. Ms. Brown scored four points higher. This higher test score made her eligible for a monetary scholarship to add to her already approved track scholarship. Congratulations Ms. Brown.

We make learning a habit not a punishment

We have also assisted Elementary and Middle school students experience academic success through our homework help program. We have successfully helped students on a day to day basis with homework assignments, daily reading assignments and testing preparation.